Long-haul flights can be incredibly boring, not only for the passengers but also for the air crews and flight hostesses involved. After the most important tasks on board, such as serving food, have been completed, there is plenty of time for tenderness. It is not uncommon for an erotic relationship to develop between a hostess and a colleague or passenger. And who doesn’t want to try out what sex feels like at 12,000 meters altitude. The hot stewardesses are never short of opportunities, they can pick whoever they want and hardly any man would turn down such an opportunity. If necessary, they can also free up a sleeping capsule in first class. Could you imagine having hard sex with a woman in uniform in a first class sleeping pod. Sex in uniform can be really hot, often there isn’t even time to take off the entire uniform, but don’t worry, if something goes wrong, a professional flight attendant always has a spare uniform with her.