Every company and startup would go under without the active support of the employees in the back office. They regulate payroll, appointments and all important things to keep management’s back free. Often these irreplaceable female functions are not given the necessary attention in the company.

But how boring our everyday work would be if we didn’t have these inconspicuous beauties around us every day. Her legs, her smile, the flash of her eyes and the sometimes subtle seductive look motivate us indispensably and so it is important for a company to maintain the visual appearance of its female employees and to constantly motivate them well.

Many young women ask themselves, would I actually have sex in the office? After all, they spend a good 40% of their lives there and every young woman gets it at some point. a moment of lust and frivolity and so there is actually far more sexual interaction in the various hidden rooms of an office than you might think. The toilet is ideal, the copy room, a dark corner in the hallway. Companies have many dark places for spontaneous encounters.

More often than you think, for example a secretary comes into the office without underwear because, for example, it was too hectic in the morning or she didn’t have any clean underwear left. This happens more often than you think, you just have to get the timing right.